Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Long Time No BLOG???

Well Hello There....
Its been a very very long time since i have blogged. Alot of things have happened, things have changed, things keep changing and our life is a race that we are trying to make it to the finish line....not in last place. So, i dont have much time to blog at this moment, so i will hopefully get some pictures uploaded and hopefully i will get a new, long post made on this sad blog that i have created.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Its been AWHILE......

Hooray, Spring/Summer has arrived. I would dare say i dont think we are the only ones that are so excited for warm weather to be here.

Well, Brek is now over 6 months old. On her 6 month check up she weighed in at 15 pounds 15 oz. She was 25 inches long and i dont remember her head size. She is 24 % in her weight and is only 10% in her height. She is a short little stinker. She is such a good baby. She is so much fun and her cheeks are so delicious! I could kiss them all day. She is not very mobile i must say. She is kinda lazy. She kinda likes to just lay around and just hang out. I am in no hurry for her to grow up though...so she is just fine not moving. I am trying to keep up with Hallie, cause she is always keeping me on my toes. Last week we moved Brek into her own room in her crib. I know 6 months and just putting her there. (Dont Judge) The cradle we had her in is basically a crib itself so she wasnt even close to growing out of it. I always have a hard time with those transitions. I was also in no hurry cause she is not rolling over yet. She will roll from her tummy to her back but she cant quite make it from her back to her tummy yet. We also started feeding her baby food...she hates it. She will sit and turn and head to the side when i put the spoon to her mouth and start spittin it me. Then she starts to get really mad and jerking herself backwards. Its quite the joy, trust me.

So, now to the run away child of mine. I swear i cannot keep her inside. Ever since the weather has been warm, she ALWAYS wants to be outside and if she is not outside she is screaming to go outside. Did i mention i am so excited for summer to be here? I really am, but man i seriously think i will be spending every waking moment out there chasing Hallie. Hallie has grown so much in the past couple months. She is really smart. She loves to sing the temple song, but she is always wanting me to sing a song with her. Its really cute to listen to her. I cant believe that she is going to be 3 in July. She is growing up way to fast.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Along time coming and OVERLOAD with pictures.

My Sweet girls

I love this one of Hallie even though Brek is Blurry

My big girls

She was refusing to smile the day i took this picture

My chubby cheeks!

My sweet Brek

Sleepy baby

Chubbies enjoying her bumbo

Playing with her daddy

Love her

Oh my sweet Hallie and her outfits!

The loves of my life!

Ok Ok so i have heard from more then one person that i have not updated the blog in awhile...but come on i do my best with this thing.

First things first since we already passed Brek turning 4 months old and is almost 5 months now...when i took her to the Dr. she weighed in at 13 lbs 3 oz. She was 23 inches long. She is my shorty. She is getting so big and man those cheeks are just delicious! She is kinda on her own growing schedule though....somedays she will literally sleep all day and there are some days she wont sleep at all. But the good part about that is she is one very happy baby. Oh and for the record she still sleeps through the night!!! Brek is still working on trying to roll over...she more or less just likes to lay on her back and kick her legs and squeal. She is getting to about her side and then it's like she just kinda gives up and goes back to her back. She is so funny. She is always so smily and you just simply walk by and a huge grin goes on her face. OH how i love her so much.

Now to my Hallie bug....I could write a book on this girl. She is seriously the funniest little girl i have ever known. She is always coming up with something new to say to me. Her latest thing she has been doing is her own little game of follow the leader. She will come up to me and be like hey mom...do this as she is raising her arms in the air over her head. The say ok mom stomp your feet. She is so full of energy i am wondering how i am going to keep up with her this summer. Also i have a shoe fanatic. This girl...as soon as she wakes up walks over to the basket and puts on a pair of shoes. She always is switching them and stomping through the kitchen to see how much noice she can make. She keeps me laughing all day. I am going to go register her for a dance class next week and i am so excited about it. Now watching her dance could be very comical. Hallie has got no kind of rythum just like her mom. Poor girl. I am sure she will love it though so thats all that matters.

There is not much other exciting news going on with Brad and I. Brad is still just busy working, serving in his ym calling and playing on a rec basketball league during the week. As for me, i love more the anything staying home with my sweet girl and getting to watch them grow each day. There isnt a harder but more rewarding job in life then being a mother. I am still working at the School a couple days a week and enjoying that also.

On a side note...My little brother is leaving on a mission a week from today. I am really sad that he is going to be leaving, but am in shock that this day is coming so soon. He will be serving in the Louisville, Kentucky mission. I am so so so proud of him to choose to serve the Lord. He truly is one kid that i really envy and really look up to. He is a kid that is so Honest with everyone and he has a way with people that truly a very special person has. He can befriend anyone that comes in contact with him. He always is so positive and is so nice to everyone. I look up to him because he never ever says anything bad about anyone ever. He always just keeps quiet and is very respectful. I know he is going to be the best missionary ever. I am so proud of him. We really are going to miss him a lot. Hallie and Kohn has such a bond that i know its going to be hard for hallie while he is gone. Kohn we really love you so much and we are so proud of all decisions in your life that you have made. Good luck buddy!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh my word!!!.......

Why do babies have to grow up so fast?? I hate it! She is so cute and has such a fun, and sweet personality! Brek has started to smile and making really cute noises. She trys really hard to push out little coo's but sometimes its just a wide open mouth. I love how when she smiles, she smiles with her eyes! There is nothing better then having your baby start smiling and making such cute noises.
Brek looks nothing like her big sister and I love it! I love that they are so different in their own ways. Brek is much littler then Hallie is and ever was. Except now i am going to have to buy new clothes for Brek cause she is so little. I have not weighed her since her 2 month check up but i am thinking somewhere around 12-13 pounds.
The dress she is wearing in this picture is a dress that my Grandma sent up from arizona. It is so cute on her! All the old ladies at church loved it....They kept asking me if i made it...i just laughed and said no. I can not make anything. I wish i could have made it! I loved the hat....but it needed a flower so of course knowing me...thats what i added!

Well there is not much new here in lives. We are excited to have Valentines Day, then my Big "23" Birthday.. Man i am getting old. Then Brad's Birthday on March 6! So lots of parties, hopefully i can remember to take my camera and there should be pictures to come!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I love her smile!
Model Someday
Smiles all around
Lookin at herself in the mirror
Oh chubby cheeks
Wide awake!
Hallie got into mommy's mascara---the aftermath

So not much is new around our household! We are kinda boring.
So, i am sorry to report but this is going to be a pretty short post!
The End!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Seriously......could life possibly get any better then this?? I have the most amazing husband, two beautiful fun and very cuddly little girls and the best job in the world of being a wife and mother!

Brek's two month check up....

So i took Brek in last friday for her 2 month check up and she weighed in at 9 lbs and 12oz and is only 20 inches long. I think she is getting so big but everyone says she is so little still. She is in the 1 percentile of mostly everything. Her head is in the 5th percentile. So i guess she still is pretty little....i guess.